Sharp-tailed Grouse & Hungarian Partridge Hunting

Whether it's a mid afternoon distraction or and entire hunt, chasing these speed demons of the prairies is fun. We use our retrievers to flush the grass hill sides and willow scrub for sharp-tailed grouse and the hedgerows in harvested fields for Hungarian partridge. Limits are generous and here in Saskatchewan, so are the birds. Most upland hunting can be reach by walking right from the lodge or just a short drive away. A simple change of ammunition in your waterfowl gun is all you need. As guides we usually have a stash of lead shotshells in the Suburban in case we see a flock of upland while travelling to and from the goose or duck hunts. This has been described as a "gentleman's hunt" for early afternoon prior to a main duck or crane hunt.


  • Daily limit for Sharp-tailed grouse is 2
  • Possession limit for Sharp-tailed grouse is 4

  • Daily limit for Hungarian partridge is 8
  • Possession limit for Hungarian partridge is 16

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