Welcome to Lucky Lake Hunting Adventures

Located in the prairie pothole region of Saskatchewan, right in the heart of the Central and Mississippi flyways and near Lake Diefenbaker, the South Saskatchewan River and Ducks Unlimited Project Marsh, Luck Lake. This combination gives us reliable numbers of birds from the beginning of the season with local birds, to the end of the season with late migrators.

Our area is truly unique in the fact that we get all of the migratory game birds that have made the prairies a number one destination. We play host to 100s of thousands of snow, blue and Ross geese, bountiful numbers of white-fronted geese, and Canada geese of every size. Being in the pothole region affords us the opportunity to hunt locally raised ducks, and we have them in big number. Mallards, pintail, wigeon, gadwall, blue and green-winged teal, shovelers, as well as numerous divers are typical here. We have an added bonus bird that is a true prairie trophy, the Sandhill crane. Most hunters have never experienced the site and sound of decoying Sandhills like we offer here.

We also offer upland bird hunts for Hungarian Partridge and sharp-tailed grouse in our hunt packages.

Very few areas anywhere produce the variety, quantity, and quality of waterfowl in North America, and few outfitters will go to the lengths that we will to ensure you have the hunt of a lifetime, every time. So come along with us for a true waterfowler's hunting adventure.

About Your Outfitter

It all goes back to my first duck hunt in 1981 at the age of 2 in the Delta Marsh of Manitoba. My Dad was a dyed in the wool goose hunter his whole life, and I am no exception. Growing up in the Interlake region of Manitoba, 20 minutes from the famed Delta Marsh, afforded ample opportunity to skip school and chase birds.

At nine years old I told my parents (after my first fly in fishing trip) that I wanted to own a lodge. At 18 when I was legal to guide hunters, I was excited to get started. Through many years of guiding both hunter and fisherman all over Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, I always kept my eye on the prize.

In 2005 the opportunity came when I was able to buy Lucky Lake Hunting Adventures (formerly Lucky Lake Outfitters). I had guided 2 seasons here and knew the potential the area held.

Every year we strive to make every hunt the hunt of a lifetime for every client. I look forward to taking you on your hunt of a lifetime.

I look forward to seeing you in the field.