Hunting Sandhill Cranes

Rib eye of the sky! Not only a great eating bird, but a real Saskatchewan migratory trophy bird. We hunt cranes like we hunt all waterfowl in Saskatchewan, in the decoys. We use 5 dozen Sillosock crane decoys to hunt these wily birds. Cranes eye sight is very sharp so we use natural cover as much as possible when we hunt cranes, although layout blinds are lethal in any situation.

Sandhill cranes are however very susceptible to a good decoy set up and a skilled caller. We have had hunters come from as far away as the Republic of Malta to experience our form of crane hunting. Most hunters approach crane hunting apprehensively, until the do it. With a 6 foot wingspan they make an impressive sight side slipping to get into the decoys.


  • Daily limit of Sandhill Cranes is 5
  • Possession limit of Sandhill Cranes is 15

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