Hunting Dark Geese

In Saskatchewan, Canada geese and white-fronted geese (speckle bellies) are classed as dark geese and have an individual and combined limit. We get several subspecies of Canada geese from small and noisy Richardson's goose to the jumbo greater Canada goose. Typically with dark geese we are running 10 dozen full body decoys with Aframe blinds or layout blinds. This combination is the perfect mixture of extreme realism to lure in limit after limit of geese to your toes. We understand that physical limitations can play a part in an individual's ability to hunt from a layout and with notice we can accommodate that. The morning goose guides are all experience callers at calling geese, not just blowing a goose call. We get asked a lot why we let the birds get so close and our answer is getting them close is the tough part; they will always get further away

Very seldom do we hunt geese over water as this can push birds out of the area, but opportunities can arise and we are outfitted to hunt dark geese over water.

We are a decoying outfit. In your face, feet down chaos is what we provide.

• Daily limit is 8 total, maximum of 5 speckle bellies
• Possession limit is 24, maximum of 15 speckle bellies