Hunting White Geese

In Saskatchewan, the term white geese applies to snow/blue geese and Ross's geese. They are numerous and they are smart. Safety in numbers is paramount to snow geese, so a big spread is usually required to hunt them. At our disposal we have over 200 dozen sock decoys, 30 dozen full bodies, several dozen flyers, rotary machines, flappers, and custom e-callers. The limitation to how much we put out is man power. We like to do it right when we hunt them and leave nothing to chance.

Most days we wear white cover suits and lay right among the decoys on padded chairs. This allows for a little more mobility when the geese are storming the spread. No waterfowl hunt in Canada is complete without a flock of snows diving into the decoys. The areas that we concentrate on when hunting snow geese are loaded with birds, with roost numbers often exceeding 500,000 geese. Speckle bellies and ducks often feed with snows, so it is quite common to shoot a limit of speckle belly geese and ducks when hunting snows.

• Daily limit is 20
• No possession limit